THE MUSICAL CIRCUS (a theatre piece)


THE MUSICAL CIRCUS (a theatre piece)

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THE MUSICAL CIRCUS (1981) 12-14’

A musical theatre entertainment for soprano, dancers, musician/actors as animals: violin (snake); viola (monkey); cello (elephant); guitar (peacock); horn (lion); percussion (bear); accordion (zebra); and harp. The musicians/animals stage a revolt against the ringmaster (conductor) (the soprano) but are charmed into submission by the mechanical harp.

Difficulty: university, professional.
Commissioned by Sound Stage Canada for the Zagreb Biennial, Lewis Lehman, director.
Performed in Toronto and on tour in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania and Austria
Rhombus Media CBC TV special.
Musicians play off score – rental.

“…it was a rarity, a contemporary piece with tunes one could whistle…entertainment for children of all ages…”
John Kragland – The Globe & Mail